Posted by Diana Nestorova on Jun 26, 2020
We start the 2020-2021 Rotary year with a changed world because of the global health pandemic. What an opportunity to have an even greater impact and engage members in an entirely new way. Let’s not waste a good crisis.
This is the time for change, historic change in Rotary – new meeting schedules, new meeting platforms, new club models, innovative and flexible club formats, elevating the status of Rotaract clubs to be members of Rotary International, dual membership in Rotaract and Rotary, and a well-balanced membership that celebrates diversity. As Paul Harris famously said: “Rotary has to be revolutionary from time to time, and now is the time to be revolutionary."
Our clubs can become more flexible, attractive and effective. All of us have taken on great new responsibilities. We will take this opportunity now to make Rotary ready for the future. This is our opportunity to strengthen our network, not for our personal glory, but for the good of Rotary. We will achieve this by drawing on our 115-year-old history and tradition, uniting and adapting it to the new realities, overcoming the new challenges, and innovating our new ideas into action. 
We, Rotarians, are people of action as Rotary's "People of Action" campaign demonstrates. We share a unique perspective and a passion for taking action to improve our communities and the world. Where others see despair, we see hope. Where other see problems, we see solutions. Where others see challenges, we see opportunities.
There is no more appropriate theme for 2020-2021 than “Rotary Opens Opportunities.” Rotary opens opportunities for service, leadership, travel and friendship. Our acts of service – big or small - create opportunities for people who need us. And, every act of service will inspire and change us. So, it works in both ways.

We cannot predict the future, but we can create it. The most certain way is to do it by working with young people and instilling Rotary values, building their leadership skills and developing their motivation and responsibility, helping them learn those skills for life.
In this way, we cultivate and shape the future generation. We will work closely with our Interact, Rotaract, Rotary Youth Leadership Opportunities and Global Exchange Program (ESSEX) students. Young people enjoy service and they are waiting for us to inspire them to action. Young people are bright, energetic, and get things done! They are faster, more effective, and impatient. Their impatience is a virtue. They want to see results now and they will do the necessary work to get it done right away! Let’s take up the challenge and open the doors of Rotary wider for young people.
Growing Rotary - especially, growing Rotary with young members - is one of my goals. We have to grow Rotary organically and substantially, keep current members, and choose new members carefully and ensure that they are the right fit for the right club. 
We need to make sure that the club meets their expectations. We have to engage and take care of our members. It’s not only about membership, it’s also about awareness, understanding and all the good that we do through our Foundation. It will come by strengthening existing clubs and by developing new club models. Each Rotary club should have a strategic meeting at least once a year, ask where it wants to be in five years, and know what steps it has to take to achieve that vision.
What value does it bring to its members? What makes Rotary so unique and worth sharing with the world? What unique opportunities do we open for the people we serve and for us?
To raise awareness of Rotary in our world is to jump into action and help our communities through service. This is why people join – to do good in their communities and around the world, to make a lasting change for a better life.
It is a two-way street – the more service we do, the more people we impact, the more this experience changes us. And, we join to do service, but we stay for friendship and fellowship.

This is the core value of our own being. Our work through our Foundation changes lives. Let’s continue our trademark project to end polio. We must fulfill the promise that we made to the children of this world and for a polio-free world.
Let’s tell our story and why we are doing these projects, and be proud of our organization and of our work – and, do it with consistent Rotary branding.  Make sure that your website is updated, and use the great potential that social media presents. Our Public Image team is here to assist us all in this initiative.
Keep the dates open for our District Conference - April 30 to May 2, 2021, at the Host in Sturbridge.
It will be different from all recent conferences held in our District: a Western theme throughout the weekend; and a House of Friendship replete with saloons, poker games, mini-golf around cactuses and much more.  All clubs involved; fun for all!
Let's plan to celebrate all the opportunities that the 2020-2021 year presents to us and those we serve!   
Let’s keep the Rotary wheel turning in the year 2020-2021. Rotary is not just a club to join, it’s also an invitation to endless opportunities. Everything we do opens an opportunity for the people we serve and it transforms us, which creates more opportunities for all of us. This cycle must never end!
Your DG Diana
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