Posted by Dave Kaiser on Jan 23, 2021
A total of 27 Rotarians from District 7910, along with a total of 30 Rotarians from other Northeast districts attended all parts of half-day seminar - on January 23 via Zoom - by the Rotary Leadership (and Learning) Institute for North East America. While the formal name of the organization is "Rotary Leadership Institute," our district has chosen to add "(and Learning)" because the seminars are also for people who may not want to be Rotary leaders but do want to learn more about Rotary.

Due to the virtual aspect, the idea-sharing and networking was more diverse as attendees registered from throughout the Northeast. This was a great opportunity for Rotarians - especially, those new to Rotary - to expand both their understanding of Rotary and their Rotary network this winter from the safety and convenience of their home or office.

Shown, are these 12 Rotarians (alphabetically, by last name) from our district who attended Part 1 of the three-part seminar:

  • Dave Kaiser, Westboro, as host (Dave chairs the District RLI Committee)
  • Glenn Bunnell, Nashoba Valley
  • Robert Capobianco, Charles River
  • Mike Fox, Newton
  • Nancy Gilroy, Bedford
  • Anne Hentz, Acton-Boxborough (not shown)
  • Steve Jones-D'Agostino, Acton-Boxborough
  • Sandy Kearney, Westborough
  • Tammi Kibler, Waltham
  • Teresa McCarhy, The Brookfields
  • Chris Maccarini, Waltham
  • Russell Swinton, Bedford

Shown, are these five Rotarians (alphabetically, by last name) from our district who attended Part 3 of the three-part seminar, and are now RLI graduates:

  • Sue Peghiny, Wellesley, as host
  • Jason Camuti, Westborough
  • Ed Council, Westborough
  • Joe Souza, Littleton
  • Sze-Wen Kuo, Bedford

The cost for this Best Training about Rotary for Rotarians was only $25 - and the seminar was held for the first time ever via Zoom, making attending more convenient than ever. District Governor Diana Nestorova budgeted to reimburse the $25 fee - after completion of the session - for the first 30 Rotarians from our district for whom this event was their first RLI seminar during this Rotary year.

The next virtual RLI(I) seminar is scheduled for February 6, and is being hosted by District 7210, which covers the Newburgh, New York area. Even though you may live in another district, you are eligible to take part in this seminar, which will also be held via ZoomFor more information about February 6 seminar - and other scheduled seminars - and to register for the February 6 seminar, click here.

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