Posted by Pamela Anastasi on Nov 16, 2019
It is with sincere sadness and disbelief that I notify you of the passing of Doug Detweiler, on Tuesday, November 12.  He was a member of the Rotary Club of Concord for 46 years, and served as District Governor from 2013 to 2014.
Doug  was a very dedicated and passionate Rotarian, and he truly lived his life by the motto of “service above self.”  In addition to all his work in Rotary, he served on various non-profit boards, and volunteered at the Concord Free Public Library.
Doug was an avid learner. As such, he loved to read, and was a strong supporter of the Rotary Leadership Institute, which he fondly referred to as the Rotary “Learning” Institute. 
Doug was an amazing man, who was incredibly dedicated to both his family and Rotary. He he always embraced the motto of “one profits most who serves best”. As a Marine, he also served his country.
While Doug will be missed by all, his passion and energy will always be remembered.  Please keep his wife, Ingrid Detweiler (shown, posing with him), and their family in your thoughts at this difficult time.
For more information about Doug’s life and services, please click here.
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