Posted by Richard Manelis on Nov 17, 2018
PDG Dick Manelis has lead international service projects from District 7910 for almost 20 years.  He meets a lot of interesting people helping him out along the way.  Here is Dick's message about one of those people:
INTRODUCING:  Carlos Centeno.  I met Carlos in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  He was an active member of the local Rotaract Club and had volunteered to work with us on our humanitarian project in Copán Ruinas for 3 days.  We would cover his expenses.  He not only worked with us for three days but lived with a friend, worked the full week and refused to accept any compensation. 
He proved invaluable as a translator as we worked with the indigenous Mayans building cement block outhouses in the mountains outside of town.   He also insisted on joining us at the airport to bid farewell.  Carlos is a logistics engineer (graduated in 2017) who has worked in terrestrial logistics (with trucks). He is currently working as a quality engineer for Empire Electronics, a company that builds wire harnesses for cars. His future in Honduras is bleak and he would like employment here in the US.   Being bi-lingual and a personable hard worker, there should be opportunity somewhere.  I can personally attest to his potential as a valued employee. In his words: “all I want is a better future”. If anyone in our District has or could recommend potential employment for Carlos, please contact me:  Dick Manelis:  manelis711@