Take a look at the projects
these clubs initiated in
response to COVID-19.
     Project: Participation in a Global Grant to purchase Covid-19 ventilators and protective equipment Serving: two hospitals in Pune, India Resulting: Global Grant totaled more than $94,000. Personal-protective-equipment materials, testing kits, educational materials, and medicines, as well as ICU equipment of ventilators, defibrillators and ECG machines, and other post-COVID-19 hospital improvements were all made possible
     Project: Making and Distributing 65 Masks Serving: Acton and Boxborough Police Departments who delivered them to residents in need. Resulting: Saving lives
     Project:  Aiding the Boxborough Emergency Reserve Corps in distributing one-use masks Serving: Boxborough residents. Resulting: Saving lives
     Project: Collected 1,000 masks  Serving: Future Local distribution Resulting: Will be saving lives
     Project: Aiding with the distribution of meals Serving: Mt Calvary Community Supper Resulting: up to 170 meals per week were cooked, packaged, and delivered to recipients, who drove through the Mt. Calvary parking lot. At least 3 AB Rotarians along with family members have been helping once per month since the Supper moved outside for safety.     
     Project:  Purchase of gift cards from local businesses for future use Serving: Supporting local businesses Resulting: Supports local business community on an ongoing basis
     Project: COVID-19 Yard Sale Serving: Acton Food Pantry Resulting:The Club presented the $300 check to the Acton Food Pantry, resulting in necessary food and personal care items available to recipients of the Acton Food Pantry.
     Project: Posting Community updates Serving: local non profits Resulting: 3 new Rotary club members
     Project: Food Drive Serving: Community Members facing food insecurity due to Covid crisis Resulting: Rotarians donated 100 bags of food
     Project: Grocery Shopping Serving: Community Member with Auto Immune Disease Resulting: Community member is going to spread the word about ROTARY
     Project: Virtual Happy Fines (member donated PO Box) Serving:  Local community Resulting: Keeps the clubs treasury going -- allowing club to keep making donations
Bedford, Westborough, Concord, Billerica working together  
   Project:  Assembled and delivered 1,400 face shields Serving: First Responders Resulting: Save lives
     Project: Delivered gift cards Serving: First Responders and Food Bank Resulting: Show appreciation to front line workers
Brookfields and Sturbridge
     Project: Distributing 4,000 masks Serving: Local schools Resulting: Assist schools in trying to reopen this fall
Charles River
    Project: Delivered snacks Serving: Medical Staff Resulting: Show appreciation to front line workers
    Project: Hosted 2 ZOOM meetings with 2 other neighboring Serving: Local community Resulting: We always achieve more when we work with partners. Rotary clubs, non profit, and Elks to consider collaborating on community response
     Project: Delivered 100 pizza's Serving: Medical Staff Resulting:Show appreciation to front line workers
      Project: Delivering meals  Serving: 14 elderly individuals/couples unable to leave home Resulting: Save lives
     Project: Providing meals Serving: friends and neighbors suffering from food insecurity Resulting: Fight local hunger
     Project:Weekly bell ringing Serving: Local community Resulting: Show solidarity  - we're all in this together
Nashoba Valley
     Project: Delivered gift cards to local restaurants Serving: First Responders Resulting: Show appreciation
     Project: Purchase tablets and provided phone training Serving: Local seniors Resulting: Allow local seniors the ability to stay in touch with loved ones during quarantine
     Project: Donated items and delivered  "cheer" packages Serving: Local seniors 80+ Resulting: Supporting the community/demonstrating compassion
     Project: Virtual Repair Café Serving: Local community Resulting Creatively re-purposing a long-time club event
     Project: Front Steps Project Serving:  Take pictures of families in exchange for donation to local non profits Resulting: Raised $10,000 for local non profits
     Project: Newton Farmer's Market Serving: Provided extra volunteers  Resulting: Community engagement and recognition -  kept farmer's market operational in covid
     Project: Feed the Fight Boston Serving: Front line and essential workers got meals from local restaurants Resulting: Economic support for local restaurants and good food for essential workers
Northborough Southborough Interact Club
     Project: Assembled 150 Care packages Serving:  Worcester homeless shelter Resulting: Supporting those most vulnerable and in need
     Project: Dunkin Donuts gift cards and note of appreciation Serving: Meal on Wheels drivers Resulting: Show appreciation to essential workers
     Project: Supermarket gift cards Serving:  local nursing home staff   Resulting: Show appreciation to essential workers         
     Project: Deliver 100 face masks Serving: Boys and Girls Club of Worcester Resulting: Provide PPP to local young people
      Project: Community Food Collaborative Garden Serving: Delivered 3,100 pounds of organic food to Food Pantry Resulting: Fight local hunger
      Project: Delivery meals 2x's/week Serving: 300+ local community members Resulting: Recruited lots of non-Rotarian volunteers to work with Rotarians
      Project: Friday night weekly food bagging event Serving:  community members Resulting: Collaborate with Mayor of Waltham and Market Basket to support community
     Project: Food Drive Serving: Local food pantry Resulting: Fight local hunger
     Project: Delivering Meals Serving: Newton Wellesely Hospital and other local medical workers Resulting: Showing appreciation to front line workers
     Project: Delivering chocolates Serving: Brigham and Women's ICU workers   Resulting: Showing appreciation to front line workers     
     Project: Deliver pansies and letters beginning of each month Serving: local senior care facilities Resulting: Supporting the community/demonstration compassion
      Project: Purchased lunch Serving: First responders Resulting: Show appreciation
 More ideas outside our district and at the macro RI level. https://www.rotary.org/en/get-involved/projects
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