Posted by Steven Levitsky on May 09, 2019
We are rapidly approaching the end of the year for our Rotary Foundation Annual Fund contributions.
I know that many of you intend to make a gift and have a consistent history of contributing annually, but perhaps you just haven’t gotten around to it yet! The end of this Rotary year is right around the corner, and I urge you to consider making a gift to The Rotary Foundation’s Annual Fund.
I am confident that you know how we change lives with projects we do, both locally and internationally.Remember the gift that you make to the Foundation's Annual Fund eventually comes back and helps us fund Club projects with Global and District Grants that continue to promote good will and outstanding results.
As Rotarians, we are all probably aware that people generally give to non-profit charities for a few simple reasons. We give because we are passionate and believe in the cause. We donate because we can end up seeing the positive impact our gifts produce. And we give because we can and also because we are asked to contribute! So please consider making your contribution to the Rotary Foundation's Annual Fund by the end of June.  
Actually you don’t need to wait - do it now, while you are thinking about it!
You can also short-cut the process and make sure both you and Club are immediately credited with your Rotary Foundation contributions by donating through Rotary Direct. To do so, click here!

Thank you.