The Rotarian Action Group Addiction Prevention (RAG AP) was recognized by Rotary International January 2016. Focus area is disease prevention and treatment. RAG AP  is supporting actions from Rotary clubs and districts in the EU, US and in India. 3 global grants are progressing as well for prevention as for treatment. The Focus of the RAG AP however is on prevention.

Addiction is a very complex problem involving and influencing many families. In every Rotary club we will find one of our friends with an addiction problem or at least addiction problems in his/her family or amongst the friends. We are all in touch with the problem as well in the North and the West, the opiate problem is  an example, as well in East and South. The products can be very different, but it is not only about using products but also about behavior when addicted to the internet games or film series, ....
What will you do about it, what can your club do, how can your district support and stimulate clubs to take action  to implement prevention programs in your local region. RAG AP will help you and will provide you with all information and materials you need to make a well considered step to involve your clubs and districts in the struggle to protect children as early as possible from getting addicted.
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