Posted by Steven T Sager on Jan 04, 2019
Happy New Year!  It is hard to believe that half a Rotary year has passed already.  We have accomplished much, and yet there is so much more we need to do. 
While the Rotary year begins on July 1, the calendar year has just begun.  Many of us make resolutions for the New Year.  I hope each of you will include Rotary in your resolutions.  Here are a few suggestions:
Resolve to bring in at least one new member;
Resolve to contribute more to The Rotary Foundation;
Resolve to get involved in one more community service project;
Resolve to bring in at least one new member;
Resolve to contribute more to The Rotary Foundation;
Resolve to get involved in one more community service project;
Resolve to participate in a global service project;
Resolve to meet more like minded Rotarians from other clubs;
Resolve to do business with more Rotarians; and 
Resolve to Be The Inspiration!
Whether you make resolutions or not, we still need to finish the Rotary year strong.  Now is the time to redouble our efforts to finish what we planned, but it is also the time to start transitioning leaders.  It is all of our obligations to train our successors so that they can accomplish more than we have done.  At the same time we are training our next leaders, we also have to finish executing our plans, complete those projects, raise the funds, and enjoy the fellowship.  I encourage everyone to make sure tomorrow's leaders are helping execute this year's goal, learning more, and planning for next year. 
Speaking of getting ready for the next leader, we wish DGE Pam Anastasi well as she ventures to the International Assembly this month.  The International Assembly is the final training for District Governors.  She will be in the company of all 535 incoming District Governors, the existing and incoming RI Presidents, RI Board of Directors, and Foundation Trustees.  It is the ultimate Rotary training event and I know she will come back ready to lead us into the future! 
Up Next:  Here is a quick rundown on some of the upcoming events happening in our District:
January 17, 2019 - District Membership Committee Meeting.  Any Rotarian interested in membership may attend.  Club membership chairs are specifically invited and encouraged to participate.  <CLICK HERE> for registration information.
January 26, 2019 - Rotary Leadership Institute.  All Rotarians are encouraged to participate in this awesome leadership program.  Members who attend this program come back with excitement and enthusiasm and new ideas.  New members who attend are less likely to leave your club and are more involved than those who do not.  <CLICK HERE> for a link to the RLI website where you can register for the event.
February 4, 2019 - District Foundation Committee Meeting.  Any Rotarian interested in The Rotary Foundation may attend. Club foundation chairs are specifically invited and encouraged to participate. <CLICK HERE> for registration information.
February 9, 2019 - Presidents-Elect Orientation - This is part of the training for incoming Presidents led by DGE Pam.  Please make sure your Presidents-Elect attend this important training event.
As always, please check the District Calendar for the latest.  We did have a Mid Year Leadership dinner planned, but many of you have told me that it is a difficult time of year and would not be able to attend.  I have therefore removed the event from the calendar, and hope we will get a better date for it next year.
Oh, one more resolution - Resolve to attend this year's District Conference May 3-4, 2019 at the Ferncroft Doubltree in Danvers.  Five (5) of our neighboring districts are joining together to throw a gala celebration of Rotary.  Early bird registration is now open where you can get the best pricing.  <CLICK HERE FOR EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION>