Posted by Susan Peghiny and Elliott Rittenberg on Jun 30, 2021
Our Environmental Action Group's next meeting was supposed to be on July 6. Because EAG is holding its first-ever Climate Cafe on July 22, the July 6 meeting will not be held.
The Climate Cafe will be a speed-dating type of event, with people talking very briefly about their projects. To register now, click here.
In other environmental-action news:
 "I Fix The Planet" video contest by Rotary's Evironmental Sustainability Rotarian Action Group  generated videos on great projects that any club can do. Be sure to watch the Rotary Club of Weston-Wayland's submission about their Seedling Project. To view the 93-second video, either click here or on the image at left,  By the way, Weston-Wayland is open to collaborating with other clubs on seedling projects around the district - bulk ordering! - as well as helping clubs to get startedFor more details, contact Weston-Wayland's Mark Messina at
Beyond Plastics is a terrific organization working to eliminate plastic waste from the planet. Did you know that the manufacture of plastic clamshell containers (think berries, fruit, salad) emits one of the most dangerous greenhouse gases: Ethylene, which is also a byproduct of fracking. We can't fix climate change without eliminating plastics. Learn how you can help, either clicking here or on the image at left.
Want to watch an extremely salty but very accurate clip from the Match 21, 2021 episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, to understand exactly how bad the plastic problem is. If you dislike strong language, may want to skip this video. Otherwise, either click here on the image at left.
    To download and read "Plastic Atlas 2019 - Facts and figures about the wrold of synthetic polymers, either click here on or the image at left.
    Watch the highly recommended documentary The Story of Plastic is available on the Discovery Channel and Amazon. To watch the documentary's two-minute trailer, either click here or on the image at left.
    Be sure to subscribe to the Yale Climate Connections newsletter. It's FULL of interesting articles related to climate change.

    EAG member Missy Hollenbeck sent along this upcoming event that looks very interesting: The Call Of The Wild In Our Cities: Morality, Race, And The Environment, Join this New England Aquarium Lecture Series event featuring Cornell William Brooks, distinguished professor, civil rights attorney, ordained minister, and former president and CEO of the NAACP. If humanity has an inborn affinity and perhaps affection for nature—what E.O. Wilson describes as biophilia—humans would have a responsibility to the environment. This responsibility may be morally described as “a calling.” This moral calling is not necessarily religious but instead  historical and local. At the very moment when many American cities are being economically revitalized and the global environment is existentially threatened, history calls morally for urban residents and suburban neighbors, to protect our environment—with a boldly different citizen activism.
    Want to know how rain-water harvesting helps the environment. To read Thirst Relief article, Rainwater Harvesting Helps Ease Drought Impact in East Africa, either click here or on the image at left.
    For more information on the ESRAG, click here.
    District 7910's Environmental Action Group its own page on the district's website! Click here, to check it out!
    And, we have a new email address: Environment.D7910@gmail.comEAG communications will now come from the new address - not from Clubrunner. So, please be sure to add it to your "safe" list. (Please note: Messages about event registrations and all-district notices/newsletters may still be sent to you from the district's ClubRunner account.)
    Things are happening,  and we need your help! See the summary for some open positionsNothing is really heavy lifting - as long as we all step up and do our part.
    To learn more on EAG - and our recent name change -  click here.
    For more information on - and to help organize - our district's Environmental Action Group, email Co-Chairs Sue Peghiny and Elliott Rittenberg.



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