Dave Robertson
9 Years in Rotary
Paul Harris Fellow +2

Testimonial of Club President, Leigh Anne Crimmings - Service Impact

Taking charge of RYLA, the Minuteman ARC Carnival and Bowling events, leading the charge to support the Stella Rosie Foundation, running youth programs at the Assabet Valley Boys & Girls Club, providing needed supplies at fundraising events, and including his family in volunteerism.
I am nominating Dave Robertson not only because of all that he does, but also because of how he conducts himself in all that he does. Dave has been a Rotarian for 9 years, and is our Sargent in Arms. He will be stepping into the role as Secretary next year, putting him in line to be Club President, 2020-2021.

Dave is very passionate about providing service for our youth. He recognizes the amazing experience that kids have at RYLA and has become our RYLA champion. He makes sure our club is sending the maximum number of students by picking up spots left empty by other clubs. He has developed a subcommittee and works regularly with them to assure that we are selecting kids who have the most to gain from RYLA. Our club recently became much more involved with the Assabet Valley Boy's & Girl's Club because of Dave. He recognized that we could provide great, fun programs for the kids, and stepped up to do so! He is planning to bring the club together to pitch in and make improvements to the building at ABB&G which are greatly needed and will provide a project that will get our club members involved in a hands-on event.

Although Dave is always doing great things, he is incredibly humble and leads by involving his team. He is always loading his pick-up truck with supplies, rented games for our events, and anything else that comes up. He simply does what needs to be done, recognizes when more needs to be done, and allows others to do their part. His daughter, Sarah is stepping right into his footstephttp://rotary7910.org/Stories/meet-our-hero-vin-spotos! She and his wife, Heather are often pitching in and helping out.

Sarah has come to learn the joy of service through her father and through her involvement with our club. She's a young person who gives us hope for our future!