Rotary World Peace Conference 2020 will be held in Ontario, California, USA on January 17 and 18, 2020. Rotary International President Elect Mark Maloney will be opening the conference.

The mission of the Rotary World Peace Conference 2020 is to bring together experts with solutions to major issues that are occurring in our personal lives, homes, schools, businesses, and communities around the world. Leaders from health care, academia, government, public safety, religions, business, and communities are invited to meet together and to share the solutions presented by experts. The format will allow for action plans to be developed such that real and measurable actions can be undertaken when attendees return home. In addition, the conference will showcase learning and positive change that have occurred in the four years, since the Rotary World Peace Conference 2016.

The Rotary World Peace Conference 2020 will give each of us, Rotarians and non-Rotarians from all sectors of society, an opportunity to come together, learn from experts, become inspired and leave with immediate action plans to implement within our communities. Together, we can make the changes needed to create world peace! 

The two-day conference will have six general sessions, thirteen tracks of breakout sessions for a total of 104 breakout sessions, two special dinners, a House of Friendship and a Concert. The 150 expert speakers will be presenting solutions to major issues that are happening in our personal lives and communities, locally and around the world.  

Attendees will learn about solutions and be able to develop plans to implement solutions back in your district.  Spread the word and continue to challenge ourselves to take on those big issues that make us leaders in creating peace in the world.  Please share our website 

Early registration is available now and from the website you can book your hotel rooms at greatly reduced rates. 


Diana Nestorova