RYLA 2018 was a fantastic success on June 21-24th at Fitchburg University.   There were 201 RYLAns, 36 Group and Program Facilitators and close to 100 volunteers.  650 people attended the RYLA closing ceremony.

As one parent from Littleton told us about her son's experience:

"I just wanted to let you know what a great time he had.  He’s a great kid, and this was an experience very different from what he’s ever had.  All signs show that he really very genuinely seemed to have loved it.  

He spent a long time last night talking about the whole event with us -  his group, the leadership, the exercises, the food, the sleeping arrangements, the college campus, the whole thing... I’m thankful he had the opportunity and I thought I’d share his enthusiasm with you. Thank you and all the best."