The Interact Kickoff event for the new school year occurred Saturday. Key achievements during the event included:
-  RYLA graduates and Interact members expanded a Teen Council and committed to develop routine communication among the district Interact clubs throughout the district.
-   Teens from half a dozen communities piloted activities introduced by Boston Children’s Hospital as part of a Break Free From Stress & Anxiety curriculum.
-    Wellness projects were identified by the teens as a district-wide interest.  The first project will be delivered this week to the Boys & Girls Club of Waltham by Interact teens from three communities. During the year they will connect with teens implementing the same project with Rotary clubs in Nigeria. Interest was expressed in presenting the project outcomes at the annual convention in Germany and/or Hawaii.
In addition to the teens and Rotarians, faculty were present from Boston Trinity Academy and Baypath Technical Vocational High School, along with three facilitators from Boston Children’s Hospital and a graduate student from Tufts University.
If your RYLA or Interact teens are interested in communicating with the District Council or participating in the wellness projects, they should contact District Interact Committee chair Bob Anthony by phone at 781-727-8617 or email