We concentrate our efforts in order to maximize our local and global impact. Our most successful and sustainable projects and activities tend to address these causes, and all humanitarian projects, scholars, and vocational training teams funded by The Rotary Foundation’s global grants work toward specific goals in these areas of focus:

· Peacebuilding and conflict prevention: 
Rotary encourages conversations to foster understanding within and across cultures. We train adults and young leaders to prevent and mediate conflict and help refugees who have fled dangerous areas.

· Disease prevention and treatment: 
We educate and equip communities to stop the spread of life-threatening diseases like polio, HIV/AIDS, and malaria. We improve and expand access to low-cost and free health care in developing areas.

· Water, sanitation, and hygiene: 
We support local solutions to bring clean water, sanitation, and hygiene to more people. We share our expertise and work alongside community leaders and educators to make sure our projects succeed in the long term.

Learn about the other areas of focus next week!