At the 1917 convention in Atlanta Georgia, outgoing Rotary president, Arch Klumph, proposed setting up an endowment for the "purpose of doing good in the world."  That proposal and his initial contribution of $26.50 put in motion a powerful force that has transformed millions of lives around the world.”
#1 Orders of Magnitude – The Foundation SHARE program allows smaller clubs to do larger projects that they could never become involved in on their own; by banding together and including DDGF and the World Fund match into the budget, large projects are possible.
#2 Recognition Points – Donations to the Rotary Foundation Annual Fund and PolioPlus give members and clubs recognition points that can be used to acknowledge club members and community members, too, for their volunteer work.
#3 Tax Deduction – who doesn’t love a tax deduction!
# 4 End Polio Now! We’re just a few years away from total eradication.
#5 Quality – The Rotary Foundation has received its 9th straight 4-star rating from Charity Navigator
#6 Accountability – About 90 cents of every dollar donated to TRF goes directly to work on the ground.
#7 Influence the Future – Donors to the Rotary Foundation are a special group of people who are supporting the next generation of children from across the globe.
#8 Change the World – Isn’t that what Rotarians do?
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