High School students at Acton Boxborough Regional High School and  Nashoba Valley Regional High School learned a little more about managing finances in the high school’s annual financial Reality Fair, both held on April 6.   A Reality Fair provides a financial learning experience for students in an interactive and fun format.
Students research a career and are then presented with a monthly paystub, complete with taxes and student loans. The students must then use their net earnings to purchase housing, utilities, insurance, transportation, food, clothing, and other personal items. They also must consider 401K contributions, entertainment and recreation temptations, and a spin on the Wheel of Fortune, representing life’s unexpected windfalls or misfortunes.
The students gain valuable insight from the experience and for some  - it’s their first real exposure to the cost of basic necessities of life. A Reality Fair is also a tremendous opportunity to engage with the high school and local businesses since each event includes some 50 community volunteers. Reality Fair is one of the premier programs several clubs from District 7910 offer to their community on an annual basis!