Posted by Christine Pinney on May 06, 2020
Together with District Governor Pam Anastasi, our District's RYLA Committee has canceled the in-person RYLA 2020, scheduled for this June 26-28 at Fitchburg State University. The next in-person RYLA is scheduled for June 25-27, 2021. However, we may hold a fun virtual event this year, organized by RYLA 2020 group and program facilitators.
Fitchburg State University has canceled all June 2020 event-space rentals, including the in-person RYLA 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.The District's RYLA Committee has been talking about this unfortunate possibility for some time.
Rotary clubs as well as RYLA chairs, students attendees, alternates, group facilitators, program facilitators, past program facilitators, committee members, and volunteers will all have questions about what the cancelation of the in-person RYLA 2020 means for them. We have devised a communication plan to provide this unfortunate news to all the wonderful, committed people in our RYLA family.
We have put together a Q&A sheet (shown, right) with anticipated questions and answers, and with the ability to add additional questions and answers as they are brought to our attention. Please read this one-page document, and let me know if you have any questions. To read and download the Q&A sheet, in PDF format, click here.
What we know for certain is that much of our future is uncertain. As such, we will continue with our hearty RYLA spirit of figuring out problems, and with our Rotary way of life of helping wherever we can. 
We encourage all named students to register online, so that we can keep you informed about future RYLA and Rotary service opportunities. 
The next in-person RYLA event will be the best ever - whenever it is!

For more information, contact RYLA Committee Chair Christine Pinney at