Posted by Gary Hough on Apr 18, 2019
The next trip to Moca, Puerto Rico is scheduled for May 16-20, and volunteers are needed.  The project, funded by a Rotary Foundation District Grant, partners with three Rotary clubs in the Moca area, and delivers approximately $20,000 worth of items to replace articles destroyed by Hurricane Maria, including beds, mattresses, washing machines, refrigerators and stoves. There are spaces available for volunteers to help.  Please contact Gary Hough as soon as possible if you are interested in this mission.  Gary can be reached at 508-335-5336 or  Read the continuation for more information.
The grant does not pay for any volunteer expenses.  It is expected that volunteer costs will be approximately $1,000 (depending on personal spending).  
The tentative itinerary is as follows and airline reservations should be made as soon as possible. Our friends at the Liberty, NY Rotary club will be happy to make your reservations from JFK but we will need to make our own arrangements to and from JFK.

Here is the tentative itinerary   Hurricane Relief Mission - May 16-20, 2019

Thursday, May 16 
Depart JFK on Thursday at 11:59 PM    
Friday, May 17
3:51 AM   Arrive Aguadilla   
4:15 AM   Meet Moca Rotarians at the airport
4:30 AM   Check in to hotel - Rest 
9:00 AM   Breakfast 
10:00 AM Activities TBD 
1:00 PM   Lunch
2:00 PM  Activities*
6:00 PM  Return to Hotel
7:00 PM  Dinner and then R & R at  the hotel
Saturday, May 18
8:30 AM - Breakfast at Hotel
10:00 AM   Activities TBD - Nelson and the neighboring Rotary Clubs will setup a community service activity that the mission team can partner with the Moca Rotary Club to partiicipate in.  Activity could  be a food collection drive, coin drop or a litter pluck.  The activity  will be base on the needs of the Moca Area population and will align wth the four areas of service in Rotary.  
1:00 PM   Lunch 
2:00 PM   Activities TBD 
5:00 PM   Return to Hotel
6:30 PM   Dinner tentatively in Añasco - Bring all stakeholders together to celebrate the successes of the relief mission. 
10:00 PM Return to Hotel 
Sunday, May 19 - R&R Day
8:00   AM  Breakfast at Hotel. 
10:00 AM  Nelson is going to plan activities for the mission team to enjoy Puerto Rico 
7:00   PM  Return to Hotel
Monday, May 20
3:45 AM    Depart Hotel for Airport
4:00 AM    Arrive at Airport
5:13 AM    Depart Aguadilla for JFK
9:10 AM    Arrive at JFK  
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