"The Love Story," as told by Jessica Favreau: "Before COVID, we had a breakfast for the senior citizens in our community held at the Manor. We did this around Christmas time and had upwards to 500 seniors from our community.

"Due to Covid, we had to pivot because we didn’t want to put our most vulnerable population at risk. We decided to do like a meal on wheels type thing. We partner with the senior centers from Holden, Sterling and West Boylston. They compile a list of seniors who would like to receive a meal.
"The manor prepares the lasagna, salad, rolls and butter. Our high school kids put together chocolate bags and elementary students make valentines.  The seniors come to the respected senior center drive up and pick up their meals. Inclusive of warming instructions."
Top Left: Herman Eknanian and Wachusett Area Rotary President-Elect Jess Favreau organize grab-and-go bags. Photo by Marisol Dittami - Wachusett Area Rotary President