Posted by Sharad Mehta on Jan 17, 2021
The Rotary Club of Westborough had quite a successful Trex Plastics Collection Drive on January 16 at Kohls' in Northborough. With this latest collection, we have achieved our goal of 500 pounds in less than two-and-a-half months.
Our club volunteers were Dave Kaiser, Elliott Rittenberg, Patrick McGrath and Heather Abraham along with the Morgan family from Northborough. We collected a total about 165 pounds of plastics. Of these, about 91 pounds were collected at Kohls and the rest was brought in by club member Joe Desiata from satellite locations at Central One Federal Credit Union CU and Burroughs YMCA.
This remarkable 500-pounds milestone was achieved because of the wonderful collaborative effort of our local community, our Rotary club members, Westborough High School's Interact Club, the staff of Kohls' in Northborough, volunteers from our club's Committee on the Environment, and volunteers from Northborough. Together, we have managed to prevent 500 pounds of plastics from reaching the oceans. We would like to say a big thanks to all of you!
Jeanette and David Morgan, together with their children, Evans and Nick Morgan, were a wonderful help. Eight-grader Evans and sixth-grader Nick were the official scorekeepers. Despite their phones soaked wet in the rain, they carried on with the record-keeping and tallying of the collected plastics. We really value and appreciate their volunteering support!
A large number of community members have urged us to continue this program. In response, we will hold additional collection dates from this February through this May. To volunteer, click here.
Finally, we are now eligible for receiving a Trex park bench as a gift from the Trex Co., which allows each community up to two benches per year. We plan to continue collecting the film plastics every other Saturday - hopefully, exceeding the 500-pound goal multiple times each year regardless of the gift from Trex. 
We are asking for your suggestions on where the Trex park-bench should be placed.
To download information about our Trex Plastics Challenge, including the scheduled collection dates and which plastics can be recycledclick here.
We look forward to your participation in this project!
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