Posted by Patti Mason on Mar 25, 2023
one of the Aquaboxes with Potsdam German Rotary member The Westford Rotary Club partnered with FIRST Robotics Team 4905 (Ayer Shirley Regional School District) to raise funds supplying emergency assistance to citizens of Ukraine in need of clean water. Photo: one of the Aquaboxes with Potsdam German Rotary member

As we know, Russian forces have targeted public utilities in the Ukraine with the intent of making the residents uncomfortable. With public water supplies damaged, there is an urgent need in many communities for clean water. Rotary Clubs in the Ukraine are working with the Rotary Club of Potsdam Germany to coordinate the purchase and supply of Aquabox water filtration systems.
To assist with the fundraising effort to purchase the Aquabox units, the Rotary Club of Westford and FIRST Robotics Team 4905 provided $1200 towards the 26,000 Euros collected in the first wave of support. This supplied 450 Aquabox units (combination of both family size and community size). This one effort provides clean water to approximately 25,000 people in the Ukraine. Units are warehoused in Lviv, Ukraine and with the help of local Rotary Clubs, distributed to the area of Ukraine in need. 
Photo:getting Aquaboxes ready to be shipped to Ukraine. 
The students from the FIRST Robotics team #4905 and Walter Miska of Westford Rotary Club scheduled a Zoom call with the leaders of the Potsdam German club and heard first hand account of the trips into the Ukraine with the Aquabox water filters. The Westford Rotary Club members were able to listen to the Zoom recording at a Rotary Meeting. 

Photo: Zoom meeting with members of the First Robotics Team 4905 of Ayer and Shirley , Westford Rotary Member, Walter Miska, and Potsdam Germany Rotary leader, Sabine Yang-Schmidt.

Update: Since the Aquabox delivery to the Ukraine area, the Outreach Committee of Westford First Parish Church United donated a $1000 to the Westford Rotary Club to send to the Potsdam German Rotary Club to purchase more Aquaboxes for Ukraine to help more families.