The Westford Rotary Club in connection with author Shirley Holdman (member of the Billerica Rotary Club) and the Billerica Adventure Series has introduced the children’s book, “This is My Community,” which talks about Racial Diversity and Inclusion. It was first introduced at the Westford Remembers “International Block Party” in the Fall of 2022 and followed this Winter 2023 by donating the books for the 1st-2nd grades classrooms at Miller, Nabnasset, Abbot Elementary Schools and the Roudenbush Community Center Afterschool Program. 

In Westford and Billerica public schools, they are using the book as a classroom reading activity and discussion book. The book is written for K-2 grades.  

The Club has displayed and donated, “This is My Community” book to the Westford Community and students as part of the ongoing Westford Rotary Cultural/Diversity/Education Projects. 

“This is My Community” is about learning about Culture, Racial Diversity and Inclusion through the eyes and actions of children and their pet dogs. The question, they are asked and need to answer is “What can be different, but the same?”
Read the book to find the answer. 

In the Fall of each year the Westford Rotary Club distributes dictionaries to each 3rd Grade Student in Westford as part of this Project too. The distribution of Dictionaries has been a yearly project for 15+ years.