Posted by Christine Pinney on Aug 03, 2020


In the next week, our 150 registered RYLA student Attendees and Alternates will be invited by our Group Facilitators(GF) to a small local group online Get-to-Know-You session. 

Our Group Facilitators (aka GFs) and our committee have been cooking up some ideas to engage RYLAns. This year’s 36 enthusiastic GFs are a diverse group of HS seniors who attended RYLA last June, 2019. They applied and were carefully selected to be group leaders. By attending enriching monthly training sessions they've prepared for RYLA to be better leaders and better humans.

Announcing RYLA Meetups!
Within the next few days they will be contacted by a fabulous GF inviting them to connect as part of a regional group with 8 other High School Juniors. 

Meeting online at first, via an app such as Zoom or Google Hangouts, they’ll do some fun ice breakers/get-to-know-you activities, they may talk about stress relievers (because of, you know, “life with COVID-19”), maybe play some games and talk about ideas for safely getting together with their group of 8. Of course, if they get together in-person, they’ll practice social distancing and mask wearing. The in-person gathering could be a bring your own picnic, hike, outdoor movie, trash cleanup, scavenger hunt, a service project or other. Each GF team will welcome your thoughts about possible activities and locations. 


A distribution map of the locations of the 150 RYLA students 


Stay tuned!


Christine Pinney, RYLA Chair for Central Mass, Rotary District 7910


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