Posted on Oct 12, 2017
The Rotary Club of Bedford has initiated a new membership option known as a Family Membership. On Tuesday, the club inducted with glee its very first “Family Member”, Sze-Wen Kuo.  Here’s some information about how this club has structured this new membership type:
Family Members: The purpose of a family membership is to extend the privilege of membership in Rotary to the many spouses and family members who contribute greatly to our club, but as non-Rotarians.  To allow immediate family members to achieve full Rotarian status and increase our club’s roster and impact would be beneficial to our club.  A Family Member is defined to be one immediate family member (parent, spouse, sibling, child) of a “full” Rotarian who desires to be a Rotarian but is unable to attend all of the lunch meetings.
  • The dues for a Family Member will be the same as for the related member.
  • Whenever the Family Member attends a lunch meeting, she or he will pay for his/her lunch.  The Family Member cannot use the pre-paid lunches of the original Rotarian.
  • A single copy of the Rotarian magazine will be mailed to the household.
  • Family Members shall be entitled to participate in all Club activities and any votes taken by the Club membership.
  • A Family Member may remain a Family Member as long as the original Rotarian is still a member.  If the original Rotarian leaves the Club, the related Family Member must become a regular Rotarian as soon as is feasible, but no later than the beginning of the next fiscal year.
The District membership committee is working on a menu of membership options for clubs – stay tuned!