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Rotary@Work Overview

Most people join Rotary for Fellowship, Networking (Personal/Business) and to have an Impact on our communities & the world through service. District 7910’s “Rotary@Work” initiative integrates business with contributes in all three ways:
  1. Fellowship: more interaction with fellow Rotarians & others on shared interests, and closer friendships.
  2. Networking: you may find a new friend, client, partner, advisor or vendor.
  3. Impact on your community: your expertise, insight, experience and connections may solve a challenge another Rotarian has been struggling to solve.
Click to see the graphic full-sizeDistrict 7910’s Rotary@Work initiative brings Rotarians together to support each other and their communities by expanding business and professional development in three areas to increase the value of Rotary membership:
  1. Growth
  2. Careers & Jobs
  3. Coaching / Advice    (Click the graphic to see it full-size.)
Background: The Rotary Business Networking Series launched in January, 2019 incorporating elements of earlier Rotary Means Business events and increasingly popular business networking groups. Since the start, it has been open to all Rotarians and "not-yet" Rotarians, who are interested in doing more business with Rotarians more often because we are people of integrity who value the 4-Way Test in business as we do in life.

Throughout most of 2020, Rotarians in District 7910 became increasingly aware of job, career and professional challenges and designed the “Rotary Connections” initiative to help Rotarians and friends with job and career support. 

In the last quarter of 2020, interested Rotarians came together to strategize and design a process for gathering ideas, input, and volunteers, and immediately added “coaching and advice” as an area where Rotarians could serve and receive support. 

In January and February, 2021, more than 50 Rotarians gathered twice to brainstorm, build consensus, and launch plans for programming in three tracks that are organized in parallel in the District 7910 Rotary@Work initiative. 

For more information, contact the D7910 Rotary@Work Co-Chairs and Team leaders: 
  • Roy Balfour, Rotary Club of Shrewsbury (Rotary@Work Co-Chair)

  • John Marchiony, Rotary Club of Weston & Wayland (Rotary@Work Co-Chair; Growth Track Chair)

Rotary Wavelength

Wavelength is a dynamic community engagement platform that enables much higher levels of interaction among Rotarians who share any common attribute or interest. We clearly see the value for Rotary@Work and many other Rotary initiatives and projects. 
Rotary Wavelength has been launched for all Rotarians in District 7910. You can access Rotary Wavelength at rotary7910.searchwavelength.com
To help you accelerate with Wavelength, the Rotary@Work team conducted two demonstrations and trainings. See the YouTube recording here: 
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