District 7910 Charity Fund


The Rotary District 7910 Charity Fund, Inc. (“Charity Fund”), is a 501(c)(3) charitable, non-profit that can be used by the Rotary clubs in District 7910 to accept charitable donations for specific approved charitable purposes.  


The purpose of the Charity Fund is to provide a resource to clubs that do not have a separate 501(c)(3) established and need to provide donors with a charitable deduction for their contribution their club’s project.  Over the years, many clubs have availed themselves of the opportunity to provide charitable deductions to their donors.  There are just a few requirements to use the Charity Fund for a club’s donors.

How to Work with the District Charity Fund

First, before the Charity Fund can accept donations, it must be established that the purpose of the donated funds by your Rotary club is appropriate for a 501(c)(3) charity and the Charity Fund’s purpose. The intended use of the funds must be for an approved charitable, scientific, literary or educational purpose.  Some examples of appropriate use of funds are scholarships; purchasing medical equipment to be donated; purchasing food for a food pantry; etc.  Once the purpose is stated and submitted as a motion to the DCF Directors, the Trustees of the Charity Fund need to take a vote that the funds are for and appropriate purpose.   

Second, before the Charity Fund can release the funds, another vote of the trustees is taken to make sure the use of the funds is for the specified approved purpose and does not otherwise violate IRS and Charity Fund requirements. For example, the funds should not inappropriately benefit Rotarians or their family members, nor can they be used to influence legislation.  If the specific use of the funds is known in advance, the two votes can be held at the same time and the process is shortened.  The Charity Fund may distribute the funds received as directed by the club subject to appropriate documentation. 

Accepting Donations

The Charity Fund can accept donations from any person or corporation, and the Treasurer will send out a “Thank you” for donations that are $100 or more.  Any collected funds specifically allocated shall be encumbered for a period of no longer than three years from receipt by the Fund. After three years, the encumbrance will be lifted and the Trustees may choose to use the then unrestricted funds for any other 501(c)3 charitable purposes as voted by the Trustees."

Clubs contemplating using the Charity Fund should contact the chair of the fund to work out the details and the votes.  The club must designate one and only one club member to deal with the Charity Fund.  The votes of the Trustees are by email and if all is in order, will typically not take more than a week or two.