Membership Corner

March 13, 2023 from Tracy Gagnon, Chair, Rotary 7910 Membership Committee Chair
Greetings Fellow Rotarians, 
Oh, what fun…it was to be at NE PETS last weekend!!!  Truly and honestly, there is nothing more energizing than being in a room full of people who’s hearts and minds are about service and the power of uniting for good. 

As District 7910 membership chair, I am thinking about trying a few things this year. First is concept to map out some “HUB’s” which will likely be comprised of three nearby local clubs for collaboration of ideas and possibly events. We will be writing more about this in the future but there are many things that we all do, or aspire to do each year be it installation of club leadership, a new member event or a Foundation/Polio Plus or Paul Harris event, the opportunities are endless.  My intent is for all of us to expand our Rotary Network beyond our club meetings and work together to strengthen the network of Rotarians in our District.  
My second suggestion is for each club to create opportunities to involve youth in your club activities throughout the year.  Instead of the traditional model where our students visit and watch us put the meeting on, work with students to create a short program/presentation and allow them to run the meeting.  We often say, “Rotary grows leaders”.  How about we demonstrate how we involve youth in meaningful acts of service that provides them with a safe space to try their leadership skills.
Can you see where I am going?

I will be working with the DG team this year to offer conversations about membership and also working with our newest Rotarians to be sure that they understand the wide world of Rotary and the vast opportunities that exist beyond the boundaries of our “home” clubs. 
Please feel free to contact me via email at or via cell/text: 603-781-1575           
Respectfully submitted by: Tracy Gagnon, Rotary Club of Fitchburg, D-7910 Membership Chair