Public Image Team


The Rotary District 7910 Public Image team seeks to publish and publicize District and Club initiatives through the channels we have: website, email, social media, and media relations. We always want more cooks in the kitchen, so please raise your hand by sending us an email. 

How We Can Help

We regularly: 
  • Publish content to the website. 
  • Publish event invitations to the website, and show Club officers how do do that themselves through ClubRunner. 
  • Publish semi-monthly newsletters (see below). 

A bit about "process" 

The Public Image Team, like you, has a lot going on, so we strive to be highly efficient with our distributed and growing team. To be efficient, we'll ask you to communicate to our team as a whole using the tools we provide. 

Submitting Website Content

Please use this simple form to submit website content. When you press "submit," several people will be alerted by email, which will make it easiest for one of us to move fastest. If the form doesn't do all that you want it to do, please tell us and we'll improve it. We've done that three times already (at last count).  

Semi-Monthly Newsletter 

The Rotary 7910 Public Image Team's goal is to publish this newsletter twice a month on/about the 1st and the 15th of the month. 

All are invited to submit club stories, volunteer opportunities, Rotary invitations for events or activities, and information on District initiatives.

Please use this simple form, which will reach our whole team (and make it much harder for us to miss your contribution). 

Submission Deadlines:

  • the 10th of the month for the newsletter published on/about the 15th and
  • the 25th of the month for the newsletter published on/about the 1st.