Rotary@Work - Coaching & Advising
In the Coaching and Advising track, Rotarians participate in interactive workshops with thought leaders who help business owners and high-potential executives to drill down to the root causes of business challenges to develop effective strategies and plans to resolve the issues. 
Each session’s purpose is to focus on learning and discovery of one relevant topic.Participants will be introduced to relevant concepts and, through a serious of questions, discuss and discover strategies which might bring meaningful change to their situation.

"Homework" -- perhaps more appropriately called "corporate development exercises" -- may be assigned ahead of time to enhance the productivity of the meeting time for participating professionals. Participants are strongly encouraged to complete the exercise before the workshop.

Sessions begin with a 10-20 min interactive discussion about the topic and may include some private work elements or assessment tools. One or two breakout room session for discussions follow for more in-depth reflection. 

Outcome: written commitments (those may include SMART goals) to begin the change. 

One of the core principles of coaching is the accountability function. Participants are asked to share their commitments if comfortable after the sessions and to update their progress prior to the next Coaching Track session or in break out rooms.

For discussion: since goals mean little without a method of accountability, we can set up an accountability circle, either ahead of every session to cover the previous topics, or a separate and regular monthly meeting. 

More in-depth discovery and accountability by the business coaches in the district through a B2B relationship. Details need to be worked out.

Workshop Topics (Proposed)

June 1st: Planning for Now - RSVP/Reserve a seat.

  • Businesses will be fully open again. Are you ready? 

  • Is “going back to normal” the best approach?  

  • How has your market/have your customers changed from 2019 to 2021? 

  • What do you start/stop doing?

  • Have you learned something or is there something that worked well in the last 18 month that is worth keeping? 

  • How do you translate this into goals and commitments that are they aligned with critical success factors in your strategic plan? 

Tentative topics and discussion points for future sessions

July Session 2: Start with the End in Mind: 

  • What do you want your legacy (professional and personal) to be? Do you have an Exit Strategy? Are you building a legacy business or a business to Sell, Hand off to Children / Sell outright / Sell to employees? (It matters to what you do)

  • What is your long-term vision and mid-term target (3-5 years)? What do you want to accomplish in the next year aligned with you vision and target? 

August Session 3: Strategic Marketing

  • Define your Customer Life Cycle

  • What is your Target Market and its sub-targets? 

  • What are their characteristics, wants / needs, what solutions do you have and what value do you offer?

  • What are your key messages and channels?

  • What media works best with your audience?

  • Who is your competition and how to you differentiate yourself? What is your USP?

September Session 4: Strategic Selling

  • Difference Marketing/Selling/Advertising

  • Sales processes, routines

  • Selling against the competition

  • Where/Who are your most profitable customers? Learn to say “No”.

  • Prioritization

  • Relationship Management

October Session 5:  Planning, Goal Setting, Key Performance Indicators:

  • What are some strategic initiatives and shorter-term actions to help you achieve those goals?

  • How will you measure success? (Be specific)

  • How will you engage your employees in the process?

  • Managing priorities and time.

  • How can you leverage your relationships?

November Session 7: Organization and Staffing/ Leadership

Session 6: Financial Management / Analysis

Session 8: Products and Pricing

Session 9: Operations, Efficiency, Cost Control

Session 10: Growth Strategies / Managing Growth

Session 11: Competition / Partnerships

Session 12: Capacity Assessment and Planning

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