RYLA 2022 Coronavirus Information

RYLA Covid Safety Statement 2022

We are devoting significant time and energy to keeping everyone safe and healthy during RYLA.

  • We are de-densifying.
  • Half of the students will attend RYLA on Friday, the other half will attend RYLA on Saturday.
  • That will be about 75 per day, based on current reservations.
  • The student registration will ask for vaccine info.
  • We will be moving as many activities outside, doors open etc. wherever possible.
  • Students may be masked.
  • We are working with the local board of health and Fitchburg state for health and safety protocols.
  • We will have a health check at the beginning of the day.
  • Sunday morning's activities are all completely outside.
  • We are limiting the number of Rotary observers/volunteers.
  • We will design sessions to limit interactions with other groups where possible.
  • RYLA students do not mix with college students while at FSU.
  • Groups are typically 6-7 students
  • We may require testing beforehand on the day-of
  • We will continue to monitor and adapt to health requirements
  • Parents will NOT be invited to the closing award ceremony because of limitations due to Covid concerns, the size of the space for our closing ceremony, and the size of the parking lot for our Sunday facility.
Please check back here for further updates.
Be Well,

Christine Pinney
RYLA Chair, District 7910
For more information, contact Christine Pinney at christine@christinepinney.com.