Your Step-by-Step Guide to RYLA!

The ClubPack and Support Materials will help guide your club to a successful RYLA experience. Literally hundreds, if not thousands, of hours have been spent developing these materials. They will be invaluable to your Club RYLA Chair and any others who want to understand a Rotary Club's part in the RYLA program.


Last updated 2017.
The ClubPack Manual contains instructions and references to the documents you and your students will need.

Support Materials for distribution (posters, forms, etc.) are contained in the ClubPack.
ClubPack zip file (2 MB) to be downloaded and extracted on your computer.
Please be sure to read the customization instructions contained in the Read Me file.
See below for descriptions of the files in the ClubPack

Support Materials - Individual Files

Click on each heading below to see the files available in that file format. There are different customization instructions, depending upon the file format used.

No Customization Required

Customization is not needed on these documents. Simply print or email these files as needed.
RYLA Interview Evaluation Form - for interviewers
RYLA Interview Questions - for interviewers
RYLA Selection Guidelines - for Selection Partners and interviewers
RYLA Selection Partner Info Sheet - for your Selection Partners

Customizable Docs

Customize these documents using Microsoft Word or another other word-processing software. Replace all red text with information specific to your club. If you prefer, you can cut-and-paste the contents onto your own club letterhead. Or you can simply use these as examples to create your own materials. DOC Customization Instructions.
RYLA Selection Partner Info Sheet - for your Selection Partners

Customizable PDFs

Customize these PDF forms using Adobe Reader (version 8 or later), or create your own materials using these PDF files as examples. PDF files can be a little trickier to customize than Doc files. Please be sure to read these PDF Customization Instructions for best results.

Any Questions?

See the Rotary Club FAQ page for answers, or Contact Us.
Club Reservations


Declare how many students you will sponsor. 

Complete the eZ Space Reservation Form by February 1 and make payment no later than March 1.

Mail to the RYLA Treasurer:


Click here to see how many students your club has sponsored in recent years.

Training for Club RYLA Chairs district RYLA Committee will provide training to prepare you and your club for RYLA. All Club RYLA Chairs are required to attend this training. If your club does not have a RYLA Chair, the club’s President or another representative must attend.

  • Watch the RYLA Club Chair Training
  • Slides from the Training presentation

Student Registration Deadline

BEFORE  students register, clubs must submit the selected students and alternate names. 
Student should submit their registration data using the online registration. Parents will authorize permissions digitally no later than April 15.