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Michaela Benedict with Gardner's artwork on world's largest paper airplane
End of year event May 4

The agenda and registration are in the district calendar.


Interact is a club for youth ages 12-18 where members have fun creating service projects that benefit their community locally or that help international understanding. Rotary-sponsored Interact clubs are largely self-sustaining, driven by teen  initiative. 


Launch / update Interact Club

Clubs can be formed by as few as one teen and one Rotary advisor in either a community or school-based format.
To launch a new Interact club, download this form

To complete your club's annual update, use this link
 Presidential Citation
: goals to achieve
 District Interact project ideabring Peer Leadership & Depression Prevention project into your community

Also see Facebook@Interact7910




How does Interact work?

Click here for an article on the District Interact Teen and Advisor Training Seminar that was held on September 17, 2016 in Needham, which includes links to Seminar videos and photos.


Advisor form for Student Protection:
Best practice is for each Rotary Interact advisor to
 submit this form annually
to Tony Gasbarro (


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District 7910 Interact  Subcommittee Chair:  Bob Anthony