Posted by Diana Nestorova on Jun 18, 2021

Robert Mosher Jr., of the Rotary Club of Weston-Waylandnever seeks the spotlight. Instead, he always delivers quality results. And he does so, collaboratively.  




During this Rotary year, Rob has selflessly accomplished the following key actions while serving his community:

  1. Chaired his club's service team for Bristol Lodge - a local emergency shelter and soup kitchen run by the Middlesex Human Services Agency - as he has done since his father, its founder, stepped down. 
  2. Managed all his club's volunteers, interacted with MHSA's leadership team, and led his club in preparing and serving dinner once a month at Bristol Lodge - which has every year for more than 30 years.
  3. Chaired the Weston-Wayland club's first-ever Christmas Tree and Wreath Sale.
  4. Created a partnership with the First Baptist Church of Weston, to take over its long-standing Christmas Tree Sale and, as chair, produced the Weston-Wayland club's first-ever Christmas Tree and Wreath Sale. Rob directed and managed all of the success of the incredible experience, which delivered volunteer and fellowship opportunities despite COVID-19 restrictions. 
  5. Chaired his club's scholarship-selection team - as he had done for more than for 10 years. Each year, he engages both experienced and new members, to evaluate and select scholarship applications.
  6. Advised the Weston-Wayland club's Interact club at Weston High School. Despite the pandemic, the Interact club has been successful this year. Its members have joined the Weston-Wayland club's volunteer efforts - notably, with the club's Christmas Tree and Wreath Sale and its Spring Conservation Team efforts.  
  7. Participated in his club's selection team for the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, which succeeded in selecting and recognizing 18 students with the club's local RYLA Award, and sending nearly a dozen students to the RYLA Online Leadership Academy.
  8. Been an invaluable member of Weston-Wayland club's Board of Directors, and an advisor to John Marchiony throughout his own year as club president.  
Mark Messina, a past president of the Weston-Wayland club, offers his personal perspective: 
“Rob does soldier along quietly. Nothing flashy, just persistent and thorough thoughtfulness that helps keep the project moving forward while including and making available opportunities to anyone who may be interested in joining.
"I think it is special that he keeps alive and thriving the Bristol Lodge project that his dad started. I think we have never missed a month.
"It is always good to remind new members that Rob's dad and mom were very active with our Rotary club, and Rob honors their memory through this service.”
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