Posted by Sharon Spaulding on Aug 01, 2020
Mirroring Rotary International'People of Action campaign, we are starting a new district-wide program, a monthly youth forum called Youth of Action, Making a Difference. It'll be a series of online and, when possible, in-person sessions to bring young people and Rotarians together to discuss the challenges and opportunities of living in today's society.
We want to create a sustainable program for our young people. The ultimate goal is for Rotarians - and young people related to Rotary - to go back to their communities and do service projects together related to these issues. 
Some forum thoughts for discussion would be:
  • How has COVID messed with your plans?
  • What are the stress points at this time, including not seeing friends, feeling bored, and not feeling challenged?
  • How did the social isolation affect your mental and emotional health?
  • Are you feeling frightened as to when this all will end?
  • How will this affect my future progress, and success in school and life?
To download the Youth Forum flyer, in PDF format, click here.
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