Posted by Thomas Bruckbauer on Jun 05, 2021
The first session of the Coaching and Advising Track of our district's Rotary@Work Initiative is set for this Tuesday, June 8 from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. Please join fellow Rotarians and business coaches Thomas Bruckbauer and Ken Erdelt along with fellow Rotarians Roy Balfour and John Marchiony. To attend this free online event, you'll need to RSVP before 12:00 midnight on Sunday, June 6.
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The Coaching and Advising Track - the third element of the Rotary@Work Initiative - provides a series of structured events that will help you to focus on your business and develop effective strategies. These interactive workshops address different aspects of running a successful business - and will build on each other.
In addition to the in-depth exploration of the session topic, a major component will be to develop a commitment to implement changes in your business. Follow-through on these commitments will be reviewed before each new session. The more you put into this workshop, the more you will get out of it.
The theme of the first session is: “We are opening. Are you ready?” 
The following questions will guide the discussion:
  • How have your customers changed in the last 15 months?
  • Are you comfortable meeting your clients in-person again? Are they comfortable meeting you? What needs to happen to get back into full business mode?
  • Is going back to “normal” the best approach? You "pivoted" due to COVID-19. What practices will you keep doing and incorporate into your routines? Did you learn new skills that would be worth keeping?
  • What adjustments, if any, are you making to work schedules/alternatives (in office, work from home)? How are you communicating those?
  • There's an increasing level of controversy about the vaccinations. If you are an owner, would you be requiring your employees (including 1099s) to be vaccinated? What is your policy when people refuse to be vaccinated?
  • Given those uncertainties, how do you focus on the most important items - and how are they prioritized?
  • How do you lead this change? Is your team ready?
Suggestions and requests: 
  1. Prepare for the workshop by setting aside time, to consider these questions ahead of time.  
  2. Invite three other people from your Rotary club and/or professional network to join us. 
Series information: 
  • Goal for the series: To get to know each other more thoroughly to increase mutual understanding and enhance trust so business growth accelerates. 
  • Two types of sessions:
    • Coaching/advising workshop
    • Interactive workshop, focusing on one important business aspect
    • Accountability session
    • Review of previous commitments and applicable corrective actions
  • Leadership Team: 
    • Rotary@Work Coaching and Advising co-chairs: Weston-Wayland Rotarian Thomas Bruckbauer; and Framingham Rotarian Ken Erdelt.
    • Rotary@Work co-chairs: Shrewsbury Rotarian Roy Balfour; and Weston-Wayland Rotarian John Marchiony.
    • The Coaching and Advising Track is a part of the Rotary@Work initiative, alongside the Jobs and Careers Track and the Growth Track.
To RSVP now, click here.
Coaching and Advising Co-Chair Thomas Bruckbauer looks forward to speaking to you. Please call or text him anytime at 865-924-2250 - or pick any time on his calendar that works for you.
For more information on our district's Rotary@Work Initiative, contact Co-chairs Roy Balfour, of the Rotary Club of Shrewsbury, and John Marchiony, of the Rotary Club of Weston-Wayland.



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