Here are five reasons to join us again this month:
  1. Meet or reconnect with business people with impeccable business values and ethics.
  2. Find new clients, partners, and vendors.
  3. Learn something new about your business, how you present your business, or someone else’s.
  4. Meet prospective Rotary members. Wait, what? Yes, this “business” initiative has been the source of six new members this year for the Rotary Club of Weston and Wayland.
  5. Get results: Here’s a success story: "I had a call today with an international company. At the end of the call, in setting the expectations to the salesperson, I mentioned that I am involved with various projects for the Rotary. It turned out that his father (in Ukraine) has been a Rotarian for years and he's been thinking of joining. The conversation instantly turned more welcoming and warmer. I invited him to one of our Rotary @ Work events and any other meetings we might have. Simply using the word 'Rotary' shifted his perspective and the conversation right away. I thought it was absolutely wonderful and so refreshing – at 7 a.m. for a conference call.”